A long week

Michael was away for most of this week. I was very impressed with myself for coping just fine, with the help of a some friends who came over a couple of evenings. It’s very nice to have him back though. Felix did some sleeping and some smiling and some playing and some crying.

The little jacket is the first piece of clothing we bought for him, from a second-hand kids clothing shop in Berlin when I was about 19 weeks pregnant.

The cats wanted attention too, and one afternoon while I was breastfeeding, Mermos was incredibly sweet and sat on the back of the sofa behind me and rested his paws on my shoulder. Then he insisted on playing with Felix on his mat.

I went along to a baby group in town on Thursday. It was so funny seeing so many babies in the one room. And on Wednesday, as most of the ice has cleared from the roads, we walked to the edge of the forest.

The sun is shining and shining and it is lighter and brighter and warmer every day. Last year in early spring I ached and ached for green leaves and flowers, which we can’t really expect for another six weeks. But this year I will just rejoice in the bright austere beauty of an early Norwegian spring. It is winter no longer.

In other exciting news, the little guy’s passport arrived today! It is so funny to see his name written down in such an official document. He already looks so different from the passport photo taken several weeks ago.

And Michael is back now. Hurrah!

9 thoughts on “A long week

  1. So glad Michael is home (and posing with Felix for some great shots)! Being a single parent, even for just a week is hard work! Well done, Meli :-). And how jealous we are for that EU passport…baby Felix pack your bags! The world awaits!

  2. Oh he is such a splendid little person!

    And what a beuatiful spring landscape: I love the light and the starkness.

    Always brightens up my day, to look at these photos. What a marvel is the internet!

  3. I am currently addicted to your blog and bugging Giovanni about babies now…Felix has changed so much from those first photos, he gets more beautiful every day!
    Norway has an incredible landscape!
    Roanna ❤

  4. aw sal that is the sweetest thing. i’m so glad you love him too. i can’t wait until you can meet him. i would like nothing better than to have you over for a cup of tea this afternoon while the snow falls and falls. xxx

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