This one’s for Nanna

Now that the little man loves to play on the floor where it’s a bit colder, Nanna (his other great-grandmother)’s cardigans are coming into their own.

He really really loves his koala. He talks to him. And knocks him over. In the photo above the penguin’s already been got. Agh he’s growing up so fast! All the little suits that fit him perfectly last week are now too short…


6 thoughts on “This one’s for Nanna

  1. he had better be! currently heading into my second bout of mastitis in as many weeks… it’s going really well apart from that though, and i really can’t believe how he’s growing! even started enjoying his baths…

  2. Mastitis is the pits, isn’t it? After my first bout of antibiotics, I kind of kept it at bay a bit, I believe, with some gentle exposure to the sun in the back garden. Mind you, it was April in Melbourne…

    • hmmm. well i went to the emergency doctor yesterday (why does this always happen on weekends?) and he prescribed antibiotics but said to try not to take them and to wait till monday and just express lots which seemed to work last time… but then it came back. i don’t know. had a fever of 39 yesterday and still don’t feel very good today. i don’t think i’ll try the sun outside but we do have plenty of windows…

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