Ready to go

Hat and overalls by my friend Kylie; jumper by his Great-grandma. He has so many great clothes!

Had a trip into Halden town centre today with Mum and the pram. People admired the little man at every turn. He slept through the whole thing save for the last ten minutes. Pizza at our favourite restaurant, and lots of shopping. It is so, so lovely having Mum here; I am trying to savour every minute. That’s why I’m writing this down, as though it makes it more real, our quiet little afternoon outing. The sun shone and shone and the snow was all melty.


5 thoughts on “Ready to go

  1. Did I mention that I’m not only clucky, but also knitty! I’m lucky to have so many newborns to knit for these days :-). He is adorable in all his cute handknits. I’m so, so glad your Mum is with you. What a special time for you both.

  2. I wish I could knit… Must put in the effort to learn at some point… We also have some adorable cardigans from his other great-grandma – must try to get pictures of them soon!

  3. Adorable. He seems to grow even in a single day, his little face chnages just slightly!
    He is a treasure.

    I LOVE seeing these pictures, its such a treat to visit and see him here!

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