Sleeping bear


6 thoughts on “Sleeping bear

  1. Gorgeous! Hope this sleep lasted long enough for you to nap, too. My mum used to tell me, “Sleep when the baby sleeps,” and it was good advice: far too tempting to put another load of washing on….

  2. Sweet dreams. That is really good advice from Stephanie. When Jonathan started sleeping from 7.00pm until 3.00am, impossible to wake at 10.00pm, we were told “go to bed when baby takes his nights sleep”.

  3. aw thank you liz! you might, though, before i’m through…

    and yes, my mum tells me to sleep when the baby sleeps too. when i have a nap in the afternoon i’m quite cheerful in the evening, and when i don’t, i’m not. and yep this time he did sleep long enough so i could. he fell asleep as soon as we walked out the door, and when we came back we had to leave him in the hallway where it’s a bit colder because i didn’t want to wake him up by taking off his warm clothes. i’m not quite up for the norwegian custom of leaving them to sleep outside in winter yet…

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