Yes he is here!

Felix Jonathan Hildebrandt

Born 11pm, 13 February 2011.

3.9 kilos, 54 cm.

Felix for happiness, Jonathan for my brother, Hildebrandt for my beloved.

The birth went well. Will tell more later, because, um, sleep has become a bit more of a priority than it used to be. And yes, we have about a thousand photographs already, so there might be a few more of them too.

We arrived home from hospital today. We are happy indeed. About this happy:

Or maybe this happy:

Or possibly, even, this happy:

26 thoughts on “Yes he is here!

  1. I was just this minute checking up on you and “ping” in came Felix Jonathan Hildebrandt. Congratulations to you & Michael, not forgetting Granny too. He is absolutely gorgeous and I love his names.

  2. Oh congratulations, Mel and Michael, a really beautiful name for a really beautiful baby!

    Can’t wait to meet him one day soon

    enjoy this precious first days

    lots of love, Ruth xxx

  3. mel this is so beautiful! felix is adorable and you look incredible. huge love xxx sal ps i met mala last night and she is just gorgeous too-as are her parents! xx well done you clever cousins

  4. Oh wonderful bella, I am really delighted to see this…and if you have the occasional difficult moment over the next couple of days, as well you might, be assured that it gets easier and easier and easier….

  5. How do babies do that??? so small and yet changing the world! Treasure it all. Just realised when I read the time of his birth that Felix shares his special day with another very special bloke… Jeff! squeezes to you all

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