Just in case you were wondering if no news was good news

It’s not. It’s just no news.

Still, we’re doing ok. And the week is flying past. The hospital is meant to ring me tomorrow to organize some sort of ‘overdue’ ultrasound, but it will drive me crazy waiting for a call all day so I think I will ring them. Yesterday I did all the vacuuming and made delicious apricot and marmalade flapjacks. They are all gone. Today it snowed all day. Mum and I braved the weather on an arctic expedition to buy milk.

19 thoughts on “Just in case you were wondering if no news was good news

  1. Dear Meli,

    Congratulations and blessings to you as you prepare for your birth! We’ve had lots of babies our way of late (my sister had twin girls in Nov and my baby sis had wee boy a few weeks ago). I’ve dropped out of grad school (heaps of illness, age and JumbleSon) and taken up knitting instead. I think it was good tradeoff! Hope to blog again one day. But, in the meantime enjoying catching up with old friends!

  2. I admit I did check on here just to see if there was any news! Glad to hear that you are doing so well.

    Hi Jumbleberryjam: I love knitting and knitters so I’m sorry if this is a bit strange, but I just wanted to say hello after reading your post above! I started knitting two years ago while in grad school – I love it and now wish I had started much earlier and could spend more time at it. I hope that you do find it a good tradeoff – I think it would be. Good luck with your projects!

  3. aw thanks guys! michael is tearing his hair out he’s so impatient! every morning and every evening he asks: where’s the babbie? and i keep getting little symptoms that make me think it will happen soon but then it doesn’t…

    at least we have the kittens to entertain us.

    i keep meaning to learn to knit…

    so lovely to hear from you again jumbleberryjam! i’m sorry grad school didn’t work out but knitting certainly sounds like a good tradeoff! yes you should blog again!

  4. Are we there yet?
    Are we there yet?
    Are we there yet?
    Are we there yet?


    Book tickets to the cinema for tonight. Baby will be out before the opening credits.

    (Oh, and I hope you’ve started eating plenty of fruit/drinking lots of water. Postnatal constipation is… severe)

  5. ooh, I don’t know about walking, I walked around a hospital all morning once trying to get a babbie going…
    The cinema tickets sound like the trick.

    you’re nearly there!! thanks for keeping us in the loop, love the photos of the Arctic Walk.

  6. I hope it’ll be soon, in fact it may be now! What a lovely thought. I wish you all the best, it’s so exciting for you. He’ll be out soon I know. Lots and lots of love xx

  7. still nothing happening here, liz!

    i’ve taken to tramping up and down the stairs…

    i have an appointment at the hospital on monday to see how he’s doing in there. in australia they book you for an induction at 10 days over but no such luck here. maybe it’s for the best? trying to be patient at any rate.

    and i do appreciate my international support squad!

  8. I keep checking here too! Sorry you’re still waiting… But yay for flapjack 🙂 You’ve waited so many weeks to meet him, but it can’t be long now, although I’m sure every minute seems like a year! xx

  9. yeah getting a bit grumpy now – doesn’t help that i can’t really do much in this weather! thank god for the cats – they are my main source of entertainment… also i’m getting progressively more and more uncomfortable, which i guess is what is supposed to happen…

  10. Meli, I actually went over 42 weeks, hate to say. Apparantly i am very low in the hormone that kick starts the labour. At 42 weeks my waters broke when I lay on the cat and ws told to go to hospital, so i did. STILL nothing happened.
    So i very sadly was induced in the end.
    At the end of it (both times) I ended up with a pretty good little parcel so i stopped being disappointed over the induction. If you have one, dont worry. And anyway I think they are much more hands-off in europe.
    Good luck

  11. you lay on the cat? maybe i should try that. don’t think they’ll like it…

    honestly i wish they would induce me so we could get this over with! i have what they call an ‘overdue control’ on monday at the hospital where they give you an ultrasound and just check everything is ok. at my 18 week scan the midwife told me they wouldn’t let me go past the 14th but i am starting to doubt her. if everything is ok at the scan i’m sure they’ll leave me for several days yet… according to their dates i’ll be 42 weeks on tuesday.

  12. Hi Mel,

    I confess, I am checking up on your blog too, thinking of you and your imminent and most creative project!

    The pics of you and Robyn are lovely, pls give her by best.

    And I promise you, your beautiful baby WILL come out soon!

    Take care.

  13. OK, we’re all really wondering now, and hoping all is well. Will Michael or your mother add a comment or post here, to let us know? All our thoughts with you now.

  14. I’ll confess that i have been thinking a lot of you and checking in. i’m hoping someone has made an arrival via whatever means they could.

    Meli i was reading on my side nd the cat used to support the bump, I accidentally leaned over and kind of squashed him…hence the tidal wave..

    I am sending you my very very best wishes. In suspense….

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