41 weeks

Getting a bit tired of waiting. Felt quite irritable today. Feel better tonight after a bean and lentil ‘shepherd’s pie’. Michael is even more impatient. He spent hours on the weekend breaking up ice on the driveway. Everyone says to enjoy the peace and quiet but it is difficult. Perhaps I should resign myself to it taking another whole week but I really don’t want to! Bubs is oblivious to our increasing impatience and is happily doing jigs in there. Michael says when he comes out he’s going to give him a big cuddle. He’s also jealous of the kicks and wriggles I feel, and says he’d like to be pregnant next time! And he says if the baby doesn’t arrive by tomorrow he’s going to the gym. Come on babbie!!! We want to meet you!

8 thoughts on “41 weeks

  1. Firstborns are often late, so they say.

    My doctor told me the best thing to bring on labour was to have lots of sex, devil that he was. i wonder if he said the same thing to Sarah Murdoch when he was her doctor?

    Just get lots of sleeeeeeep while you can.

  2. Well, I trust you’re working your way through fresh pineapple, raspberry leaf tea, acupressure and sex!

    I’d say it worked for me, but really, once the baby’s due it’s due.

    Oh, and in Finnish the ‘magic’ method of getting an overdue baby out are ‘the three S:s’ – seksi, sauna, siivous. The first two probably don’t need much by way of translating, but the last one is housework/tidying up. I know someone who increased their odds by tidying up the sauna and then having sex there…

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