8 thoughts on “Another babbie

  1. oh, its baby meli. How adorable!

    I just had a sudden, huge THRILL of excitement for you.
    Any day, you are going to participate in that extraordinary process…
    and finally see that little face.

    I cant WAIT to see him!!

  2. I’ve only just stumbled on over, and am trying to think back to those last days before the baby arrived… It’s a whole new world, and you may already be in it.

    Oh, and it does get easier. Eventually. 🙂

  3. not there yet, sigh! (and yes i am very bored right now and therefore much better at replying to blog comments than usual.) you have a lovely blog, btw!

    incidentally i don’t think those people who compare finishing their thesis to having a baby have ever had a baby. completely different process, as far as i’m concerned. (growing a baby is definitely easier than writing a phd thesis – it happens all on its own! obviously i’m not yet qualified to comment on the getting it out bit.) although the thesis felt like it took forever and this also feels like it’s taking forever. but the thesis was 3.5 years and this is 9 months. or, god-forbid, nine and a half months. or 15 months if you count my other pregnancy. forever.

    • Thanks! I’m trying to be more active on the blogging front at the moment, we’ll see how it goes.

      The thesis vs. baby-thing is interesting. They’re both big, important things that influence your identity in some way, but like you say, the process is not the same at all. This isn’t an entirely thought-through opinion, but I think they are such phenomenal experiences because they are complete opposites:

      Childbirth is all about the body, and biology just takes over and the challenge is in how well you can handle becoming a force of nature and having very little control of how and when things happen (regardless of what birth choices you make, feelings of empowerment or otherwise, ultimately you are just a pawn for evolution).

      Writing a thesis, or finishing a thesis (not that I know anything about that yet),requires you to take that control and responsibility and be a force of logic and intellect instead. I know that’s romanticising both processes, but to me at least it explains why they get compared with each other so often, and why the comparison is always inadequate…

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