Forty weeks

I have been meaning to write this post for a while but have been a little distracted. But I want to record what this past week or so has felt like before it all becomes distant history! So… last week it finally began to sink in that there’s going to be a baby around here pretty soon. I got really excited. And realised there was still a couple of things I needed, which prompted a shopping spree. So I bought some bedlinen, for me and for him (thought I’d better get myself a single duvet in case he comes into bed with me and I don’t want to smother him – recently we’ve been using a double duvet each). I bought a chest of drawers. I bought cloths to use on the changing-mat, and some blankets. And then I saw a couple of cute cute cute suits in rainbow colours with lions and mooses and mushrooms on them, and we didn’t need any more clothes but I couldn’t help but buy them. I restrained myself from buying the light-brown furry coat with bear ears. And then I regretted my restraint and went back to get it anyway. I gave it a hug.

I had some friends over on Friday night and made home-made pizza. It was delicious.

Then, over the weekend, the spring-cleaning bug set in. I did loads and loads of washing. I put all his clothes away in the chest of drawers. I moved most of my books from my office to the spare room. I threw stuff away. On Monday I tidied the spare room for mum. I made up the bed for her. I thoroughly cleaned and re-arranged the bathroom. Today I finished the vacuuming and hid in the cupboards everything I couldn’t work out how to throw away. I had a midwife appointment then picked up Mum from the station. So nice to see her. She arrived with a bag stuffed full of gifts from Australia, including the most gorgeous teddybear from my brother and his girlfriend. (And we love all the other presents too!) So, yeah, still pretty excited.

Mostly I feel very healthy, although my belly is starting to feel like a balloon fit to burst.

Michael says waiting and waiting is the most boring thing in the world. He has been fixing door handles and rehanging the fridge door and moving the kitchen light-switch from the hall to the kitchen.

The midwife says everything looks perfect. She says to rest and to eat. So tomorrow, I will try to quell the excitement and get some rest, just in case he comes sooner rather than later. Who knows?

9 thoughts on “Forty weeks

  1. Oh meli,
    just wanted to say that I am reading this pm my phone in exactly the same spot I sat when I was 6 days overdue with my first.
    I’m in the car overlooking the sea and the sea pool where ihavemore or less swum every day for going on 20 years
    It was winter and i used to bring my CAT! I’d buy her a sausage roll on the way, then we’ d watch the waves, her with her paws on the dash.

    What a blessed and lucky soul to emerge into the loving arms Of two such lovely folks

    will think of you and wish you well….

  2. When I read Forty Weeks, it made me think about the Blue Tit I saw yesterday. Finally the sun was shinning on our nesting box, and I was delighted to see a Blue Tit hovering on the entrance. In he went, then out he came, stretched his wings, and then repeated the process. He then bombed any other Blue Tits nearby as if to say this is mine. It is an exciting time for you and Michael, and also your mother. It is very special to become a grandparent.

  3. That waiting is the most peculiar waiting you will ever do – and yes, it does have that ‘can’t turn back’ feel about it. Most times, if not all!
    So exciting! glad you bought that lovely coat too šŸ˜€

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