A wedding in the snow

Yep. Got married today.

I didn’t really mean to wear black to my own wedding, but it was the only maternity dress I could find. I like it. And at least it’s got lace on it, right? Michael insisted on buying me a proper bridal bouquet of red roses. I wore the sparkly green jewellery Michael bought me within two weeks of our first kiss, six and a half years ago. (I did think about wearing the little casket of uncut emeralds Mum wore to her own wedding, but I decided I needed the extra sparkle.)

We decided to tie the knot now rather than later not because of bubs (I really don’t think he’ll mind much either way), but more out of visa considerations for next year. All that aside, it felt like a good time to do it. It felt special. The script for the ceremony was perfect. Here’s a link to it in Norwegian. If you copy and paste it into google translate you’ll get an idea of it, allowing for some amusing translation errors. We alternated between listening seriously and glancing across at one another and smiling shyly.

Then there were the rings, and the signing, and it was done! We bought the rings in October, from Robert Feather, who has a workshop in a little town near York. That was special too, because we met in York, and lived together for two years there, and the gold of our rings was like the gold of the leaves on the trees.

The wedding was a more solemn and more joyful experience than I had expected. It was very small – just us and our two witnesses – and was over very very quickly. But we were so happy!

The courthouse was right on the harbour so we trundled out there to get a couple of shots in the snow (thanks to Michael’s best man who was our impromptu photographer).

Then we all had pizza at our favourite restaurant, Spisekroken. These guys make the best pizza I have ever tasted. Nowegians love pizza, but mostly it is barely edible. The owners know us, and were very happy for us, and brought out sparkling wine on the house.

We know our families would have loved to be there, and we would have loved that too. But I hope I can share the moment with you this way! And I hope we can eat cake together at a later date. After eating all that pizza, there was no room for cake anyway!

It was a perfect mini wedding. We even got presents. Kylie came back for a cup of tea and we cracked open the Swiss Glory chocolates my Mum had sent for Christmas while the snow filled the windows and the kittens snoozed.

As I write, there was a knock on the door and more roses arrived, from my parents! They are beautiful, but I will take a photo tomorrow because now I think it’s time for some snoozing of our own.


15 thoughts on “A wedding in the snow

  1. You both look radiant and it all sounds like a perfect wedding! Thanks for all the piccies. I love your dress and the flowers. And all the photos are just beautiful. Here’s to a long and happy married life and much joy to come for you both and your little one! xxxx

  2. Meli, this is the most beautiful blog post I have read this month. It radiates serenity and bliss, and I feel very fortunate being able to reflect on this wonderful news on my screen.

    I feel like sending you cake!! maybe it will have to wait till you visit Oz. Or maybe I will do some surreptitious Norwegian online shopping sometime 😀

  3. Oh. My. God. Congratulations!!!!
    Meli, so chuffed for you , and what beautiful pictures. Just think, not only have you bagged your soul mate and one to walk hand-in-hand with through life, but you have also netted an ace photographer….

    Fabulous news, exhilarating post. Thank you and once more for luck, congratulations!

  4. As usual, I’m late in reading and replying. Everything about your wedding was very elegant, and I’m so happy for the both of you. It’s hard to process that it’s been more than six years since we were at York together…I miss it. I’m considering going back for the Ph.D.

  5. thank you everyone! it was a beautiful day. and genevieve we did get cake in the end – at a farewell party for some other international visitors on the weekend one of our friends insisted we cut it together!

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  7. EEK! You got married! Brought back memories of my own wedding (we stumbled across our Greek wedding certificate recently – our little joke is that it actually says PUNK’D in Greek.) We married for similar reasons (for Martin to get a visa – I have a pommy passport) but then had babies and didn’t leave Australia. And being married suits us better than I ever thought it would, I thought it wouldn’t really mean anything, but it just kind of does.

    You look so beautiful. Congratulations. You are such a gorgeous couple. I am in love with your life.

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