Happy birthday Grandma!

It was my grandma’s 81st birthday yesterday. I even remembered to call her. (It helps that it’s Guy Fawkes day: remember remember the 5th of November.) Anyway, I’m glad you had a nice day Grandma and that everything is going so well for you. I thought of you as I heated up my soup for lunch yesterday. I miss being able to drop in to your place for lunch! (My Grandma has a pretty much open house policy for family members. If you turn up around midday you get lunch. She even gives us keys so we can raid her chocolate biscuit stash even when she’s not home.) And even though she’s on the other side of the globe, she insisted on buying me new curtains – proper curtains, with lining – to help keep us warm this winter. Here’s a shot of them. I love them. I wish she could come around for a cup of tea.

In other news, I’ve been writing and writing and the big siberian larch outside my window is turning brown. Michael thinks it looks pretty depressing, but in the sun (which has finally returned after two weeks of rain) it lights up like a birthday candle.

4 thoughts on “Happy birthday Grandma!

  1. The tree certainly looks like a beautifully glowing candle, a brilliant contrast to the blue sky and white house and I love the way it picks up the red of your roof in the photo. Love the curtains too.

  2. Enjoy you blog – found it on my son’s blog (icebus) – The curtains are lovely and have a real Scandinavian feel to them. However, you mention that they came from down-under. Trying to make out the design – are they just leaves or are there some birds in there too.

  3. Oh thank you Rosemary – and thank you for visiting! The curtains don’t actually come from down under – my Grandma just instructed me to go and find some and she would pay for them! They’re actually from Ikea, the source of all good things. 🙂 So scandinavian after all. There are leaves and little buds on them; I like them a lot. It was really hard to find decent winter curtains – most of the ones in the shops were actually quite flimsy.

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