Night light

Playing with the camera settings, Michael got some pretty cool pictures of our house and garden on Saturday night. I love how you can see Mermos in the window.

Unfortunately there’s more and more of this these days. Night, I mean. Waking up in the dark is a pain. Today was grey and miserable and it still felt very dark at nine in the morning because of all the clouds. I guess one advantage of shorter days – at least the clear ones – is that you actually get to see all the sunrises and sunsets. The sunset in my header at the moment is from some photos we took from the bridge between Norway and Sweden on Friday, about six pm.

Anyway we are bugging down in our warm little house and watching the dvds we brought back from the UK. Just finished season two of Dexter and I am completely hooked.

The pregnancy is going well. Twenty-five weeks tomorrow. I’ve felt the little thing kicking and wriggling every day for just over two weeks now. It’s delightful and strange, and what’s even stranger is that I’m starting to get used to it. But it’s very hard to mentally connect the hidden thing wriggling inside me with the demanding little one and two year olds I run around after all day. It’s getting more difficult to pick things up off the floor. By no means impossible, but it takes about four times as much effort and time as it used to. Also I frequently think I’ll be able to squeeze past someone or between a chair and a bench and I’m shocked to discover I can’t…

We are loving and loving our kittens.

It was so cold last Friday morning that I could hear the frozen yellow leaves clattering down from the trees.

3 thoughts on “Night light

  1. Michael is extremely talented and you live in the most beautiful place imaginable! Once again, beautiful, evocative photos that make me think the dark nights there could be infinitely preferable to the dark nights here…

    Glad little one is making his or her presence felt. With my two, they way they moved very much reflected who they became: Felix became almost uncontainable and opted for an early start!

    Beautiful post. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful photos. I was forever trying to squeeze through spaces that were way too small for my expanding bump, or lurching forwards to catch things, only to be brought up short by a protesting kick to the ribs! It is strange how soon you get used to feeling the wriggles isn’t it? I felt very matter-of-fact about them towards the end of my pregnancy, which didn’t seem at all possible when I first felt them!

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