Autumn light

Right now it’s rainy and miserable, but all week the light here was glorious.

Last Monday we climbed the fortress after dinner, all too aware that soon it will be too dark to do that.

For just a little longer, the leaves catch light and spin it and weave it.

This is exactly the time of year when the sunset hits the cobblestones through the fortress’s inner archway.

And I can’t help but believe that if I run along that path I will reach some place altogether new: a city of gold, with a gate only open for a few seconds each amber-washed autumn evening.


5 thoughts on “Autumn light

  1. Hi Meli, I pop in every day because thats how my Mac works, and every day those pictures bring a little sunshine into my life. Pass on my compliments to Michael. They remind me of the closing part of a wonderful book called the Historian which uses a ruined fortress as a backdrop to the climax. Now when I read it I will think of these pictures…

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