A couple of months ago, we watched a deer float through our garden. It was weightless, quiet, made of grace. A few minutes later, we drove out to the main road, saw that some cars had stopped, and saw the deer lying on the ground. They are so fast, it must have happened just moments after we had seen it. We were so sad for the deer. For its quietness, its speed, its delicate feet. For its private pathways, which had woven through our own. We tried to tell ourselves: there will be other deer.

One evening, about three weeks ago, Michael called out to me – ‘Mel, get out here now.’ I raced out in my socks into the grey mist, and there they were: three of them, tiny, like shadows of air, treading silently away from us. I nearly cried.

And this evening they were back. The three of them, with their mother. Munching our overgrown lawn.


4 thoughts on “Visitors

  1. Oh , Meli, I am so envious! They are such beautiful creatures! In my forest I see a couple most days and crazily, I have even started talking to them. They are such gentle, receptive souls. May your three become happy regulars.

  2. Your visitors are so beautiful. Deer are so gentle and delicate. I expect they’ll be regular visitors as the weathr gets colder. Your house seems to be in an idyllic spot I’m so envious xx

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