Many things

We’ve been very busy this week. So many things that writing is daunting and I’m not sure where to begin. It’s the last week of my summer holidays, and my parents are visiting, and they are being absolute gems helping me sort things out in the house that I’ve been meaning to for ages. Including a day long trip to Ikea and (so far) one whole day of putting things together and installing light fittings and removing heavy green doors from walls and hanging up mirrors and moving power points and patching holes… Just the wardrobe left to put together and I’m kicking myself for buying the wrong size shelves. We had so much stuff, though, really, something was bound to go wrong.

And my Mum bought me a sewing machine as a late birthday present, and it is amazing. And Dad is the kind of person who upon hearing that we can’t buy humous here, promptly gets hold of some chickpeas and makes us some! They have been cooking us all sorts of yummy things like beetroot risotto and eggplant parmigiana.

So it is very lovely to have them here. And there have been other things happening, other big things, other good things, but I will tell you about them soon because right now it’s all so exciting that it’s exhausting and I need to be quiet about it for a while.


One thought on “Many things

  1. What a wonderful world…. strange how the Summer holidays stretch out when they begin, and then fill up with so much stuff! We’re starting the hols here in Britain. A sewing machine sounds like the kind of project that might expand and fill them all by itself.

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