Was nice, if a little cloudy. Lots of delicious pizzas, waffles, and ice-creams were ingested, not to mention German beer. Here is Michael looking pensive in a pink cafe.

A highlight for me was gate-crashing a conference on Shakespear’s ‘Troilus and Cresseda’  and Chaucer’s ‘Troilus and Criseyde’ for half a day, and catching up with not one but two of my favourite Australian medievalists. This was so lovely, and as Stephanie pointed out, it felt a bit like home away from home. The papers I heard were about gesture and emotion, public and private, faces and defacing. I must confess to not having read Chaucher’s ‘Troilus and Criseyde’ since my Honours year, but I have a very clear memory of the brilliant Tom Burton demonstrating the pathos of the poem. (For those not familiar with it, it’s a poem about love and betrayal, with the backdrop of the Trojan war.) Unfortunately the European spring put on a very poor show for all the international guests, but they seemed to enjoy themselves anyway.

We also climbed up to the top of the Berliner Dom, and watched a concert of Schumann and Bruckner there one evening. On Sunday, finally, the sun came out, and I wandered through the Tiergarten while Michael caught up with an old friend.

Whilst I was lounging in the sun, a tall dark handsome stranger from Cairo made a concerted effort to pick me up. He told me he was a masseur and a body-builder (!!!). As I gallantly extricated myself, he told me he was happy to merely ‘look see’. Having escaped Criseyde’s fate, I was immediately rewarded by a sign from the gods.


5 thoughts on “Berlin

  1. Your pics are much greener — and pinker — than my memories. I must have been homesick, cause what I remember is all the grey clouds. Though the chestnuts were lovely in their green leaves and towering flowers.

    So lovely to see you looking so well: thanks so much for making the trip out to Thielplatz.


  2. Heh – Berlin looked like a tropical jungle to our green-starved Norwegian eyes. But we returned to discover spring has finally properly sprung here – there are leaves and plum blossoms everywhere.

    Next time you must try to get to Prenzlauer Berg – there are lots of very sweet cafes there. (This one did a particularly good Belgium waffle with warm cherries…)

    It was lovely to see you and a treat to hear your paper!

  3. //masseur and a body-builder// Wow… What a way to try to pick someone up! I guess it’s a bit more creative than ‘come here often?’ lol

    What did you think of Shakespeare’s version of Troilus and Cresside? I taught it last year, but didn’t force the students to read Chaucer, as tempting as it was. I’m so envious you got to hear papers about both works!!!

  4. Ughhh!! After reading the paper titles, I’m even more envious. =P I would have loved to hear about Dido in the Aeneid!! I taught that last year as well! It would have been so cool to have more insight on that too.

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