A nice weekend

I went to a bbq on Friday night and over to a friend’s place for dinner on Saturday.

I slept in.

I did three loads of washing, two of which dried in the sun.

I spoke to my Mum, and my Grandma. And Michael. (He’s in France.)

I tidied and vacuumed the house.

At the bbq, I spoke to a friend who has a baby due the same time mine would have been, and it was ok.

I went to the gym.

I sat in the sun.

With my friends, I walked around the moat of Fredrikstad’s old town as the sun set at 10pm. Fredrikstad is lovely, and has a moat shaped like a star. The water glimmered all pink and gold.

I went shopping to buy things for the kitties. (We are getting both. I am so excited.)

I paid some bills.

I ate a falafel burger.

I jumped on the trampoline.

Tomorrow, I promise, I’ll finish writing the exam questions. Because right now, I think I’ll watch Doctor Who.


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