In the last week we’ve bought a tumble dryer and ordered a dishwasher. Moving up in the world. And some hooks to hang towels on. And lights for the stairs. And summer tyres for the car. I made waffles for breakfast on Sunday. I’ve been making progress on Henry. We’ve stumbled on, alongside our interrupted and interrupting grief. I am so unbelievably glad it is Easter break now. Easter starts on Thursday in Norway, but at the kindergarten we have Wednesday off too. I plan to mark essays all day. It will be brilliant.

The snow has all but gone. The land looks strangely naked without it. Brown and rubbed thin. As though the whole world could just collapse from exhaustion. But it won’t. It will just catch its breath a while longer, while the birdsong already haunts morning with dreams of colour. And before we know it, it will be May, beautiful May, though that still feels as distant as a foreign country.

Update: for old Henry posts, see here and here and here.


4 thoughts on “Slowly

  1. You’re so lucky that you get Wednesday off! I, unfortunately, only get Friday off. >_<; But I can't complain to have a three day weekend.

    I can't wait to see Henry once you've finished. I just know it's going to be beautiful. =D

    I have to ask if you made waffles from scratch or with a mix.

  2. I hope that Spring’s arrival comes quickly for you now and the new beginning aspect is somewhat helpful.

    I did want to ask you though: who/what is Henry? Sorry for being slow, but I can’t seem to figure that out no matter how many times I go back and read old posts and comment threads…

  3. Cristy – Haha – just too lazy to put the link in… will fix it now! (Also might give him a post of his own – I have a couple of new photos…)

    And thank you – yes the weather is once again matching my mood and things are looking up! These northern springs never cease to surprise me – it really is a completely different thing to what I grew up with in South Australia…

    Car – funny that you ask, as up till now I have used packet mixes. Last weekend I thought I’d try the real thing and I tried out this recipe:

    I just added some vanilla sugar and a liberal sprinkling of cardamom, as this is the Norwegian way. They turned out very well – M said he couldn’t detect a different from the packet mixes, which is a complement because they are very yummy. Bit of an effort to whip all the egg whites separately – I might try another recipe that doesn’t ask for that and see if there is a difference… They were very light and fluffy, though.

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