I did it! Got through my first class despite multiple technical failures… (The person who promised me late last night that he’d help me with photocopying and getting the projector to work was off sick!!!) The students are lovely and friendly and engaged, and come from a wide variety of cultural and intellectual backgrounds, which should make for interesting discussions… The two hours just evaporated, especially once I got them into smaller groups. This worked extremely well, and is as I suspected absolutely necessary as it’s difficult to have a discussion between thirty people. Who knows, we might be doing a bit of that by the end. But I have very bad memories of a class I was in once of about thirty people. It’s just too easy to sit by the sidelines, which gets incredibly boring.

I’ve got a better idea now of how to more efficiently prepare for the next class. Really two hours is no time at all, especially for this number of students. But about half of this class was taken up with introductory stuff, so we’ll have more time from now on to get stuck into things…

When I couldn’t work out how to get the overhead projector to work I cornered a lovely young man in the lift who sorted it out for me. He looked at me quizzically and told me I looked far too young to be teaching. ‘Well,’ I said, ‘I must be older than I look.’

Truth be told the train conductor mistook me for a student as well. But here I am, on a snow covered campus, a shiny PhD in my pocket and a class all of my own.

Oh, and the university bookshop is lovely. I will have to be very restrained.


8 thoughts on “Teaching

  1. Great news! I’d love to hear about all of the activities and things that you do for your classes. What courses are you teaching right now. *wants to soak up all of your knowledge* =D I can’t wait to get back to teaching English next year. I miss it so much!

    Do you have any particular books in mind that you want? Just curious. =) I’m working on a summer reading list for myself and don’t know where to start!

  2. Yes, what are you teaching?

    I never use overhead projectors. I am too scared of technologyfail. I think I should get over this soon. Apparently the classrooms I’m teaching in this year are quoite noice.

  3. thanks guys! it’s postcolonial literature. i don’t really want to list the texts here in order to avoid google-netting my students… i didn’t get to choose them, but i think they will be interesting books to work with. (sorry for being so vague!)

    and the overhead projector was actually a life-saver, because i wasn’t able to print out and copy a page of questions for everyone (weird computer freeze up at the uni), so i resorted to the overhead. ofcourse if that hadn’t work either (it’s happened to me at conferences) they would have just had to listen very carefully!

  4. Sometimes I am struck by the sheer awesomeness of what we do for a living. Sometimes I am dragged down by the seeming futility – but your enthusiasm is contagious so thank you – I will endeavour to keep hold of the former and put aside the latter (which comes too easily when snowed in by exam scripts). Enjoy the class!

  5. Hi Mel,

    Well done. I’m sure it’ll be great and not half so scary the next time. Keep away from that bookshop, it’ll be your downfall – all your wages will go in books!!!!

    love Liz xx

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