While the weather here in Adelaide is lovely and warm but not too warm (as I cleverly missed last week’s heat wave by being in Victoria), I have been keeping an eye on the Halden weatherpixie. It’s been stuck at minus 15 for about a month. Which has filled me with dread. And yes we should have left heaters on in our apartment because our landlady informs us grumpily that our toilet is frozen and our bathroom floor is covered in two centimeters of ice. At least we know for next time. Anyway, I noticed yesterday that the weather in Halden was -3. And today it’s -2. And while that’s not quite warm enough to melt the ice, it still sounds positively toasty.


2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. My 16 year old daughter left 28C Sydney for -6C paris. She is now In England, where now the weather has warmed up to a “very balmy 6C”, she reports. Funny.

    Frozen toilet’s not so good….

  2. yes, it’s bizarre how a typical English winter can sound strangely appealing… now, if halden could scramble up to 6 degrees by the time i get back, i would be very happy indeed!

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