Winter light

We had our work Christmas party last night, which was seriously fun. They’d booked out a huge restaurant and there was champagne and a buffet and dessert and coffee and dancing and games… And a cash bonus inside our Christmas cards which made us all smile! There was a band who sang lots of songs about sunshine and summer. I stayed with my friend who lives in Fredrikstad, and we wandered around its astonishingly beautiful fortified town today. I must remember to visit more often, it’s only half an hour away. So. All good. Now I have only three days left, before I start heading towards a summer all of my own. I am counting down the hours…

December II

The weather has been uninspiring, as have the extensive hours of darkness. At least it’s nearly the winter solstice and the sun will slowly start inching its way back towards us. Even better, I get to jump ship for a month and experience the summer solstice instead. Really looking forward to a holiday. Everyone in the kindergarten is exhausted. Also, Michael has been away for work forever andĀ ever and it’s getting extremely boring around here.

Enough whinging. Probably just the December blues. I wrote a poem yesterday, which made me happy. And I just spoke to Michael for an hour on skype, which made me even happier.

Last weekend we had a Christmas market at the kindergarten! We sold things the kids have made, and put on a little concert. There was mulled wine, coffee, pepperkaker (gingerbread made with heaps of cardamom), and lots and lots of cake.

As usual, I wasn’t wearing enough clothes, and my feet slowly turned to blocks of ice. Need to get me some fur lined boots.

After the concert, the Julenisse led a dance around our outdoor Christmas tree. Before I joined in, everyone swirling around the tree reminded me of some kind of pagan ritual. I half expected a human sacrifice. Then I thought – what the hell, when have I ever danced around a Christmas tree before? And I joined in.


December arrived yesterday with frost and sunlight. The sun caught in the harbour was too bright to face. I turned my eyes away and pointed my camera in vaguely the right direction. This morning, the scraping-of-ice-off-the-windscreen kerfuffle was the hardest yet. Worse still, by the time I left work it had to be done again! And the ice was inside as well as out!

I kicked myself for not taking the camera to the kindergarten this morning. The trees were covered in thick frost all day long and looked like Christmas decorations made of glass. I watched a pink streaky sunrise over a white world. By the time we made it outside at three the sun had already set, but enough light lingered for an hour of playtime on the frozen sandpits and crunchy grass, the small hill perfect for sliding down head first.