Twilight seems to happen a lot around here right now. It would be a good town for vampires. It’s completely dark by four, and when I drive to work at eight, they sky is still only thinking about waking up. I’ve hardly seen the sun in a month. One morning I watched it rise from the window of the barnehagen – bright and orange and clear – but it was raining again two hours later. One mercy is that the icy weather has receded for the moment, so no scraping frost off windscreens or skidding on the roads. (The boardwalk by the river, however, remains treacherous.)

In less than a month I will be in Australia for Christmas. I can’t wait, though sunshine and beaches seem mighty improbable right now. But I am not wishing the time away. There are many things to do before then in my twilight world.


One thought on “Twilight

  1. Lovely photo- hard to imagine it is so far into the day or so early in the afternoon- not sure which! we’re enjoying long summery evenings now, with the lure of a walk on the beach when it’s hot, which it certainly was last week!

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