Status report

Michael says this blog is dying a slow death. I say no, it’s just a quiet patch! It’s been a very nice week, really. Our lackluster summer has finally given way to a most gorgeous autumn. The mornings are cool and misty, but the afternoons are warm and shiny-bright. And I’m rather grateful to be spending many of them playing in the sunshine. We went for a ride yesterday afternoon and it felt amazing.

I’m just about over the sniffy lingering cold, and I’m starting to feel on top of things. The fancy newsletter I’ve been pulling together for M’s work is almost done and we’re really proud of it! Today I spent a couple of hours preparing my ‘English sammlings’ for the toddlers. I think sammling roughly translates as ‘gathering’, but maybe in this context it has the added connotation of ‘class’. The difference between preparing lessons for nineteen year olds and two year olds is, well, striking, but the two year olds definitely require preparation too! It’s all about props, I think. I need to improve my props.

I also spent a couple of hours studying for an ethnography exam. I’ve been taking a part time distance subject for the past few months (part back-up plan, part reinforcement of my research arsenal). The assignments are all done (I improved spectacularly from 45% on my first assignment, the worst mark I have received in my entire life, ever, to 90% on the last one). Needless to say, I haven’t felt terribly much like studying over the past few weeks, but it is nice to have made a dent in it. The exam’s in mid October. After that I’ll be able to properly get stuck into the book proposal…

Next weekend we’re off to Berlin to visit my brother! Hurrah hurrah. Berlin is my absolute favourite city. And the other day I baked an utterly stunning apple cake. All is well.

4 thoughts on “Status report

  1. but you blog more than I do! tell him he’s dreaming (as the good folk of The Castle might say).
    I had fun telling my daughter about your babbies picking blueberries yesterday. She thought it sounded wonderful.

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