Extreme kindergartening

Last week I picked up my new raincoat, waterproof  trousers, ‘warm dress’ and a pair of gumboots. The ‘warm dress’ is pretty much a ski suit. I nearly died of heat stroke when I tried it on. The sales assistant told me I looked like an astronaut. They tell me I’ll be glad of it soon. In Norwegian kindergartens, you play outside every day. Rain, sleet or snow.

When I first started, one of the other assistants asked where the children’s sleeping room was. ‘Oh no, we don’t need one of them’, said the boss, ‘Norwegian babies like to sleep outside’. ‘What, even in winter?’ ‘Until it gets to minus 10.’

They’ve certainly been pretty happy sleeping outside in their ‘wagons’ so far. (The Norwegians call prams wagons, which I think is pretty cute.) Last week we took them out to the forest to pick mushrooms and blueberries. They bobbed around in the bracken with their little hats on. But they were most excited about the lorry we passed on the road. ‘LASTEBIL!!!!’ they cried with glee. The driver beeped and waved.

Michael can’t believe I get paid for this.


4 thoughts on “Extreme kindergartening

  1. Delightful to imagine. I’ll look forward to some pictures of the “warm dress” and “wagons” to follow sometime! (plus babes with bobbing hats and berries in the forest…?) It certainly sounds idyllic.

  2. Well, I can manage a picture of the ‘warm dress’ once the weather gets colder, but the babbies are off limits I’m afraid. (I’ll also keep any posts about the kindergarten as generic as this one.) You can’t go putting pictures of other people’s children on the internet. Still, you get the idea of how cute they looked in their hats and overalls beneath the trees…

  3. I certainly sounds idyllic but I have a mental picture of lots of babies with icicles hanging off their noses as they sleep outside in their ‘wagons’. It’s very bracing and healthy in Norway isn’t it?

    It sounds as though you’re having a great time Mel and I look foward to the pictures of the ‘warm’ dress as the weather gets colder. x

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