I caught a cold from the babbies which is making me very grumpy. The same kind of grumpy I felt last time I flew to Australia and I was exhausted and I noticed that the people at the back of the plane had four seats to themselves and could lie down but I had no space and had to sit up. Yep.

Today the sun is shining for the first time in just about forever, and it is gleamy and bright and cool in the most magical autumn way, and the leaves outside our window are already going gold. Most of the leaves about town are still green, mind, but it won’t be long.

Michael’s gone out for a ride but I’m not well enough. Might wander down to the harbour later though.

Apart from that, things have been slotting into a new routine quite nicely. At the moment I’m working three days a week at the kindergarten and two days at Michael’s work – proof reading and working on a newsletter and a website. The proof reading has been fascinating in some ways – it’s funny seeing which parts of the language slip for non-native speakers. The biggest problems for Norwegians writing in English, it seems, are conjugating verbs (you don’t have to do it so much in Nowegian), and using words which sound the same in Nowegian and English. ‘Start’, for example. It means basically the same thing, but when writing in English the Norwegians use it far too freqently, and in a much broader context than it can be used in English, for example when they mean ‘initiate’. Anyway…  I realise that their English is far far better than my Norwegian or my German!

Sorry the blog’s been rather neglected of late. I’m feeling my way into a new space, which to start with didn’t leave me much time for musings. That’s changing, though, as I get the hang of it.

6 thoughts on “bleh

  1. Hope you’re feeling better Mel, and work was not too exhausting if you went. I got some books for your littlies today- some simple rhymes and counting, a few australian animals plus one of the perennial favourites from NZ: Hairy Maclary! which I’m sure you’ll remember from many years ago….

  2. oooh thankyou! they will help with my ‘english sammlings’.

    yep feeling better today despite residual sore throat. well enough to pretend to be a roaring lion trapped behind the bars of the new gate separating the hallway from the main room. i get paid for playing lions and tigers. roar!!!

  3. oh how sweet! i have an affection for the term because of the inimitable York panto dame, who has opened every panto in York for at least the past twenty years with the words: ME BABBIES! ME BAIRNS! At the end everyone has to sing a song. Once it was ‘babbies and bairns we’ll always be’, which is rather apt. Another time, ‘you’re the babby that I love’. awwww.

  4. Actually, you have just reminded me of a memory, of my grandma, singing a song, a song about a babby. A “curly headed babby”, which was me.
    Which must be where the word babby came from, and why I like it so.

    I will try post a picture of Babby, you will love her.

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