In other news

I’ve started in the kindergarten. It’s brilliant. I love it. I’m terribly attached to the children already and I’ve only known them a week. I have the little ones, 1 to 2 and a half year olds. They are incredible. The way they figure things out, the way they tentatively relate to each other and to us, their laughter and curiosity and sadness and rage, the ways they assert themselves, the way they are upset and then calm, the way they are all so different, the newness of them, the uniqueness of them, their utter trust.

And I cannot help but laugh when I look around and find myself in a sea of bumbling babbies and wonder how I got there!

7 thoughts on “In other news

  1. It’s fantastic you are enjoying it so much- seems like you instinctively made the right decision for the time being anyway. Little human beings are just so amazing, and so intriguing to watch how they learn and interact. I find it staggering how much they seem to know and can notice even when very young.

  2. Great! Glad you’re enjoying it, it sounds so lovely when you describe it. Great age group to be with, they learn so quickly and absorb everything. Good choice Mel !

  3. thanks guys! yes genevieve i think it is a rather nice centre… they specialize in music and english which is fun… it’s also brand new. the building is big and gorgeous and it was brilliant seeing all the brand new toys still wrapped up just before it opened. and did i mention our room has a dragon rocking horse?

    the staff are lovely too – as well as many norwegians we have people from sweden, thailand, canada, bhutan and two brits, one who studied at leeds! (trailing spouses one and all).

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