Was brilliant. Loved my hat, which in fact was black, not green, but the robes were green which suits me fine. My supervisor said she always associates me with green jewellery.

It’s past bedtime now but I just have to tell you about it. It was very formal, and just so much fun. The staff of the school of English paraded on stage, decked out in all their finery.

It was brilliant to have my brother and Michael there. We went out for lunch with my supervisors, which was so so nice, and can I just say once again how I love them and they are just fantastic and I couldn’t have asked for better, and if I had to do it all again I would, and I’d do it with them.

It rained but I didn’t mind.

And later my friends and I went out for dinner at Hansa’s, which if you are ever in Leeds you must do too.  So it was pretty great. And THANK YOU – to my supervisors, to my sponsors, to my parents and grandparents who were there in spirit, and to my friends and especially J and M for celebrating with me (and for taking the pictures!). It’s been an awesome journey. One part of it is over now. That is a little bit sad as well as exciting, and it was nice to have a ceremony to mark the end of it. But many paths, I hope, have only just begun.


14 thoughts on “Graduation

  1. How exciting! You look great. The robes are wonderful colours and the hat really suits you. Rather rakish actually! Wish we had seen you but failing that, thanks for the photos.
    Rather fabulous that we can access them here so promptly in the semi-wilderness of the Flinders, thanks to our rather well set up cabin surrounded by mountains, rocks and a forest of callistris pines like sentinels across the sheen of soft green created by recent rains.
    It’s a great achievement and we hope it is the start of many more interesting journeys….
    x M, D

  2. Hey, the photos are great. You even manage to look good in the hat, a mean feat for most people. As you say the end of one path but the beginning of many more for you and I hope they all go in the right direction.

    Incidentally I think the job in the Kindergarten will be good. You’ll get to integrate with the Norwegian families and learn some of the language. Anyway nothing’s for ever and if it doesn’t work out you can leave. Shame about the holidays though!!!


  3. Congratulations!! The pictures are wonderful. You look very happy!

    I never bothered attending my Masters graduation: I simply had my certificate shipped to me in the post. It was kind of a let down after two years of hard slog, so I can appreciate that a ceremony would be a nice way to round things off.

    Good for you.

  4. aw, thanks guys! it really was a lovely day.

    yep liz – i’ve got used to the idea (so has m) and i think i made the right decision. it will be fun to be solvent for a while!

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