Today was the first day of summer, for sure. The meandering flocks of cumulus, which can turn sunshine into torrential showers and back again in the space of five minutes, were nowhere to be seen. Only the slightest wisps of white feathered the blue blue sky, so high they had nothing to say to us, nothing at all.

Work finishes at four. It’s not dark till eleven. We rode our bikes through the forest by the lakes in the sun and then climbed to the fortress, walking back by the harbour and the river. Folks drank beer in the shiny yellow light at 9pm. The little town beamed and gleamed, showing off its prettiest faces.

So different from the frozen wasteland, the lakes we could walk on, the brave colonies of ducks on the snow.

I wasn’t ready for the summer soltice. Let it be summer forever, I say! But it is true, the summer has just begun. This northerly land buries its face in the sun. The light tips all over us, all over the roads and the lupins and the lakes and the green leaves and the the warm, warm stones. And I say let it. Let it come.


2 thoughts on “Sun

  1. Hi Melanie – or should I say Dr Melanie! Congratulations!!

    I’m writing to see whether you are still at your Leeds e-mail address, as I want to send you an invitation to a symposium our Australian medievalism ARC team is running in January 2010. We’d be able to pay for a flight within Australia and a couple of nights’ accommodation, and are hoping to put together a publication out of it. hope you can come!!

    But first things first: are you still at that address? Or is there a better one at which to reach you? I wrote to it just in case it’s still active.

    Tjose questions in yoru viva sounded HARD!! What did you say to the question about how medievalism is differnt from the reconstruction etc of other periods?


  2. Oh. Wow. Thanks Louise!

    Yes yes yes that sounds amazing!

    Yes my Leeds address is still active but only for another week. So I will email you back from my other account.

    Yeah the examiners really gave it their all. My supervisor and one of my best friends (his previous graduate student) were apparently twiddling their thumbs and twirling on their chairs and getting a little nervous because I was in there for two hours, but I think that was just what the examiners had decided on beforehand.

    Agh. Have to go to work. (Am working as a graduate student for a couple of months at M’s institute.) But will tell you what I answered to that question about periodization later…

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