The last hurdle

I’m about to read over my thesis. My viva will take place exactly one week and four hours from now, taking the UK/Europe time difference into account. I had a bizarre dream last night in which I had to play my flute and paint a picture of a castle on a wall as part of my examination. I projected confidence but my flute playing consisted of truly dodgy sight-reading and much confusion over the key I was supposed to be playing in. I don’t think my castle painting would have won any awards but apparently speed was of the essence rather than quality. Then I was supposed to draw a picture of an ancient sword, but instead I sat for hours listlessly wondering where to find a 4b pencil. Argh!

So. Crunch time. I would have started reading an hour ago had I remembered that the default printer on my computer is not my printer, and therefore I have to specify a different printer every time I print anything. I was getting extremely frustrated at the printer as I thought it wasn’t working…

Anyway, I think I have run out of displacement activities, as there is at least half an hour before I can legitimately eat lunch. Here goes…


6 thoughts on “The last hurdle

  1. I think your viva is happening at the same time as DH’s Master’s defense! Next Wednesday afternoon. I’ll be sending all kinds of pixie dust and 4b pencils your way, too! 😉

  2. Happy reading and recollecting. And don’t let the occasional error worry you too much if you come across any! A fascinating dream… at least the sword cum pencil wasn’t a horrible red one for corrections. And the castle and flute seem so reminiscent of earlier dream threads in your life. I wonder what will be on the other side of the wall?

  3. Great procrastination tactics. What a fantastic dream, I wish I knew what it meant.
    It must be strange reading it over again after some time, I hope there’s no place where you exclaim ‘did I say that’. Don’t worry too much about the occasional error, it’s so hard to be perfect on a document that size, but I’m sure you’ll be close to it.
    Ican’t imagine what the viva will be like, I hope they’re kind to you, kind but firm. I’ll be thinking of you and wishing you a magic flute so your answers will be perfect and spell binding and you’ll dazzle them with your brilliance – and your flute playing!!

  4. When I was finishing (because I had about a month after my defense before my diss was due), I had crazy dreams, one of which was that I had to take an Advanced Physics exam in order to get my PhD. But of course I hadn’t been studying. And this was an essay exam, with an additional section that involved filling in the speech and thought bubbles above characters’ heads. I knew that I was not going to do well on this exam.

    And yet I did just fine on both the defense and the diss. Let craziness have its way with your sleep, and soon this will all be over!

    Good luck!

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