How to fit twelve months of socialising into three weeks

Monday: 12pm, lunch with grandparents, great aunt and cousin. 1.30 pm, outing with Grandma. Cherry cake in the French cafe. Order new glasses. 7pm, dinner out with Mum, Dad and brother.

Tuesday: 11am, make strawberry pancakes for brunch with Mum. 12pm, phone calls to friends. 1pm, walk in the park and coffee at the corner cafe with Mum. 3pm, meet with lovely writer and her husband. 6.30 pm, dinner with Mum and Dad. 8pm, phone calls with old friends. Invite them all over for Saturday. 9pm, bake two sponge rolls for Dad to take to work for a leaving do.

Wednesday: 11 am, meet old friend to look over poems. 1 pm, lunch with said friend. 3pm, coffee with lovely medievalist. 4pm, pick up new glasses. 4.30pm, coffee with another lovely academic. 6.30 pm, dinner with Mum and Dad. 7.30pm, phone calls to old friends. Invite the rest of them over for Saturday. 9pm, walk with Mum.

Thursday: 10 am, visit Nanna. 1 pm, lunch with Dad in beautiful seaside cafe. 6.30 pm, dinner with grandparents, parents, brother. 8pm, cakes and coffee with family and cousins.

And repeat.


7 thoughts on “How to fit twelve months of socialising into three weeks

  1. As much fun as it’s been, and as sad as it will be to leave, I’m not sure I can keep up this level of social activity (and cake consumption) for much longer!

    Michelle – the sponge rolls are easy, only take about twenty minutes all up. What I love about them is that everyone is seriously impressed and they actually take so little effort! I brought one round to a friend’s house on Saturday too. But last night I had a slice of one of Grandma’s, and I’m not sure mine are quite as good as her’s…

  2. Phew I’m exhausted and full of lunch and dinner and coffee and cake. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time. Lovely family photo on Facebook.

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