I always find blogging more difficult from here. I guess it’s because many of the people who read the blog are just around the corner. But it’s been good. I’ve been hanging out with my grandparents, and my brother, and my old friends. And it’s good good good. There’s something about old friends which is just great. I also met my one year old second cousin who is cute.

Up until yesterday the days have been shiny and warm and bright. Yesterday it started to rain. After an initial grumpiness (yes I know Adelaide needs rain but not during my holiday) I let myself enjoy it. The white twisty trunk of the gum tree near my parents’ deck is now grey and slippery like wet silk. The air smells clean. The birds croak and chatter and fly about between the newly washed leaves. And the rain, when it comes, is sudden and fresh and noisy on the tin roof, and not like European rain at all.

Another funny thing happened last night. I was drinking a beer with my brother in the verander of a pub, and a very friendly lawyer kept popping out for a smoke. He chatted to my brother, and when he discovered that my brother is an artist, he gave him his card so he can invite him to his next exhibition. Then he asked me what I did, and when I said I had just finished a PhD in literature, he said his sister Kate is into literature too, she’s a poet. ‘Kate who?’ I asked, but I already knew. Kate Deller Evans and I had our first collections of poetry published together in New Poets Seven back in 2002. He said he was seeing her later, and he’d say hello. Living on the other side of the world, I have become unused to all this synchronicity!


4 thoughts on “Adelaide

  1. Ah! Life!
    Ah! Adelaide!
    Congratulations on your PhD!
    And your antennas are working beautifully!
    Best wishes!
    And guess where I will be next month!
    At the Penola festival!

  2. DH always says that that’s the way it is in Adelaide. 🙂 I LOVE rain and am so glad SA is getting some (but, hope it holds off until your holiday is over).

  3. We went on a holiday to the Great Ocean Road. The place we stayed in was owned by Lyn Harwood and Bruce Pascoe, editors of Australian Short Stories (can you see where this is going?) I thought it was hilarious that they had an old ‘youth’ edition on the bookshelves and there was a story by Melanie Duckworth – it was you, wasn’t it??

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