New header

Couldn’t have the poor frozen ducks any more. I wonder if the harbour is thawed yet. I got back from the states yesterday morning, stayed with my cousin in London last night, and am off to Australia tonight. America was awesome. I’ll tell you about it soon…


7 thoughts on “New header

  1. Might those be Chihuly jellyfish?? If so, I’m guessing you were in my old/soon-to-be returned to homeland – Seattle/Tacoma. Can’t wait to here more. 🙂

  2. thanks guys! they’re actually giant glass flowers adorning the ceiling of the Bellagio casino in Vegas…

    i don’t think i have the time/money for sydney this time fifi, but if that changes i’ll definitely let you know!

  3. oh my – i just googled him. he’s extraordinary!

    i didn’t know who did them they just caught my eye – thanks for that!

    (oh and yes to tell the truth michael took the photo…)

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