Monday 2 am.

Done. Thesis, bibliography, contents page. Turned into pdfs. Irritating formatting issues solved. Emailed to several different email accounts in both pdf and non-pdf versions. Saved on the little stick thing. The nicest sleep I’ve had for ages, though too short.

It’s now 7. 18. Must get up, pack up, get to train station to go to Leeds. Exhausted. But feeling oh so much better than yesterday.


13 thoughts on “Monday 2 am.

  1. The last stages are incredible, aren’t they? All that hard brain slog depending on some idiot computer that can’t recognise beautiful layout when it sees it! Plenty of time for sleep, later on. Ok, now on that train, submit, and, very important, don’t look at it again for a month! Congratulations, my dear; this is a major life milestone…

  2. thank you guys!!!!

    yep it feels amazing, and i had the best day yesterday – got it to the binders by 11:30, submitted it by 3:30, had coffee and cake and then many gin and tonics with my wonderful friends. ended up in hansa’s (amazing vegetarian indian restaurant – same place i went with you, stephanie) and all in all had the best day ever.

    can’t work out whether i’m hungover today (probably) cos i feel pretty much the same as i did yesterday – exhausted and relieved.

    it still hasn’t sunk in. will write a longer post later. and i think you may be right, pc – these past few days were pretty special.

    now have to rouse myself to pack and tidy up and get on the train to london…

  3. Hey Mel, Congratulations!!! Sounds as though you had a great evening as well. All you have to worry about now is enjoying your holiday……the rest will wait until you come back. When is it likely that you will have your viva – some months I expect. Well get on that train to London and then on that plane. Is it the States you’re going to first and then on to Australia? Have a wonderful time and well done you.xxxxx

  4. Congratulations! I am sure that felt like heaven!

    I remember the day I submitted my thesis to the Graduate School. I actually cried tears of joy after spending 4 months writing and writing and writing.

    Anyway, congrats once again! šŸ™‚

  5. thanks guys!!! yep it’s pretty marvelous! and slightly surreal. three and a half years is a long time to devote to something that suddenly turns into a big fat heavy material object and disappears!

    off to the states first, liz, then australia. via london, unfortunately – it was cheaper that way! i’m hoping for a viva in late may or early june, but it’s all in the hands of my examiners now….

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