Step by step

Finished the conclusion yesterday. The supervisors are looking over it, and I’ll probably bash it into shape a bit more when they’re done, but it’s a relief to have written it. Very strange experience, writing the conclusion. Slightly terrifying. (I realise I’m sounding like a broken record at this point, but hey.)

The first of my lovely proof-readers gets back to me this afternoon. I’m currently in the library, trying to rustle up the energy for one last blitz on my Webb chapter. Ugh. Tired. It will need at least three days of undivided attention.

I went for a most beautiful walk along the canal in the misty light yesterday morning and took photos. I’ll put them up soon if I get the chance.

Currently alternating between tiredness and nervousness and excitement. Right now just tired. Which is, in some ways, more relaxing than the other two! It sunk in yesterday that I’m going home soon and will get to see my family and old friends – hooray! And before that I’m going to America which is also awesomely brilliant. So. Only ten days of hard work to go. Eep!


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