Ice crystals

I took this on the weekend. Not sure the past three days could be accurately described as my most productive days ever. Have put aside my loathed theory chapter for now (just wish it was less flimsy), and am getting back to one of my poets. Hopefully keeping feelings of hate and wretchedness at bay. (My poor books have even been copping it – I’ve been yelling at them when they hide on the shelves. Of course they’re always in an obvious place but with a different coloured spine than I remember.)

Today it is snowing, again. The sky is falling and falling.

Now quietly – as quiet as the cold – I will crystallise the last words and paragraphs into stars and pathways, and it will be enough.


6 thoughts on “Ice crystals

  1. Lovely photo, and I imagine the books will cope…
    All the best with the change in focus. I hope it is more replenishing and that the theory will bubble on beneath and be ready for writing when you return to it. Perhaps it needs a bit of love rather than loathing to invite it into a fuller shape.

  2. thanks guys!

    penni – yep, just about!

    fifi – i was mightily impressed with their efforts

    genevieve – hmmm ‘crystallize’ looks much prettier and more accurate than ‘crystallise’. have i mentioned that i can’t spell? (not helped my my computer’s american spell checker which i can’t trust…)

    robi-d – yep, the books are still talking to me. and love is working better than hate.

    thoughts crystallizing nicely.

  3. oh, sorry, I did not even look at your spelling. I just disliked the ‘s’ in this font, I think. It probably looks fine in handwriting, come to think of it.
    Dictionary says…either is foine, but being the Australian Pocket Oxford (my concise has gone walkies), puts ‘ise’ first. Which I was inclined to, then erased.
    Crystallise on, you diamond, you.

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