Chapter 3 is done!

57 pages, 215 footnotes. I had it practically finished last night, apart from one monster footnote I just couldn’t face. There’s also about twelve footnotes I need to check once I get to Leeds, but I’ve listed them neatly on my ‘things still to be done’ page, and it shouldn’t take too long. I am tempted to go over the whole thing again and make a couple of things more explicit, but I’m forcing myself to put it down for now and get on to the next thing. This is my best chapter. It’s fine. If I have time at the end I will tweak it a little, if not, no problem.

Now for the hard part… Chapters 1, 2, and 4 are in much worse states.


One thought on “Chapter 3 is done!

  1. Wey Hey!!! Things are moving apace now and you’ll soon be finished. It’s the little things that take the time, all those footnotes and checking punctuation etc. Finished my marking thank God, all downhill now until the holiday. Just washing, ironing and packing and oh I forgot – I have to work for the next four days!

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