Small things

  • This week I ate porridge for breakfast every day
  • There is thick snow outside and it’s still snowing
  • My three day plan became a five day plan
  • I went for a swim for the first time in years (not counting splashing around in lakes and beaches)
  • We found and lost the house of our dreams
  • I decided two warm jumpers are the way to go
  • When I walked out of the bathing hall at five pm, my hair still wet, it was dark. The ground was covered in a not insubstantial layer of whiteness that hadn’t been there when I went in. The clean blank footpath glinted like diamonds. Tiny, tiny flakes swarmed down. If you looked up beneath a streetlamp it seemed the air was made of glitter.

3 thoughts on “Small things

  1. Oh no, bad luck with the house of your dreams. Perhaps another dream one will come along and this time you’ll be successful.
    Still snowing in UK. South Wales has been covered all week and now it’s supposed to start up here. It was so beautiful on the drive home today, all the trees are weighted down with snow and their dark branches are silhouetted against the white mountains. Sun was shining and the world looked absolutely wonderful.
    Can’t believe we’re off to Brittany next week, hope the snow’s gone by then.

  2. The Norwegians are very good at heating and insulation! And saunas. Ahhhh. To be warm from the point of your nose to the tip of your toes… Probably what it feels like in Melbourne right now…

    Yeah, the house was a bit of a tragedy. We are new at this and I guess you learn things the hard way. We’re trying to cut ourselves some slack, what with the phd finishing and M’s insane travel schedule at the moment…

    Wow Liz, Brittany! Enjoy it!

    I am sorry to have missed seeing an arctic Yorkshire…

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