Chapter 5 is done!

It’s now 58 pages, not 55. I hope I won’t have to go back and shrink it. And it has 245 perfect footnotes. Well, perfect enough. Now for chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4. Oh, and the conclusion. My giddy joy and anticipation as the number of pages left to check through grew very thin and very light has now been replaced by well-earned tiredness. But – it was a nice feeling. I would like to have it again. Soon.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 5 is done!

  1. WOOHOO!! *high fives* That’s a lot of footnotes!

    I think introductions and conclusions are the hardest things to write…well aside from titles. I can’t ever think of good titles.

    I forgot to ask, what is your porridge recipe? Do you have anything special that you add to it?

  2. Are footnotes necessary/compulsory on your school/program/dissertation? I am asking this because in my country/school, we are not encouraged to use footnotes. We are encouraged to explain everything in the text..

    Different culture, different ways of doing things, huh? 🙂

  3. Thanks guys!

    Regarding porridge… I make it very simply, just with water. (No salt – yuck!) I serve it with cold milk (you know you’ve made it right if it floats). I often put chopped dried apricots and honey on top (flaked almonds are nice too but too extravagant at Norwegian prices). Recently I’ve been using up some blueberries we cooked up last week – a bag of frozen blueberries, cooked in a saucepan with a shake of sugar. They last for ages and you only need a spoonful or so. Makes the milk all purple…

    Clarissa – yep, we have to use footnotes. We use the MHRA style guide. When I was in Australia we used a different method that put the references in brackets within the text. At least in English. I did four different subjects in my first year (Anthropology, History, Psychology, English), and they each had different referencing styles that they were very pedantic about!

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