Embrace the grey

We haven’t seen the sun in nearly three weeks. But I have been telling myself, the grey isn’t as grey as it could be. The clouds are a little higher than I remember them being in England, on those days in winter when you couldn’t remember what blue and space felt like. Anyway, I saw a patch of blue sky today. And coming back from the gym tonight, a cold bright half moon.

On Sunday I tried to climb the fortress. I was defeated by the icy path.

I even tried to go up a different way, but if you look closely, you can see the other path, the stone path, behind the stone wall. No thanks.

Ah well. Today I am grateful for yoga and for google books (life saver!!!) and for things that are coming together work-wise. M is away for three days and I have a three day work plan of the things I want achieved before he gets back: get chapter 5 (one of the good ones) to a state in which I could hand it in tomorrow if I wanted to, and write a couple of pages on postcolonial belonging for chapter one. Chapter five is fifty-five pages, and right now the first twenty are good to go. If I can get through thirty-five pages tomorrow (I only got through 20 today but you never know!), I will be on track to write my new stuff on Wednesday.

And then… agh, I really don’t know how I’ll get the whole thing basically polished off in the next three weeks (which is when I’ve booked my flight to the UK). But I must try as hard as I can. At least I seem to be in a good working mode for a change. (I need to keep coming up with new tricks to force the progress.)


7 thoughts on “Embrace the grey

  1. Such weather is wonderfully relaxing for your face. I love being in the northern hemisphere because I never have to squint. I have those blue eyes that need shielding from the sun, so in England I always feel so comfortable in that kind of light.

    Think of all the crows feet you are preventing by keeping out of the infernal glare…..

  2. We’re embracing the white right now, loads and loads of it and in true British fashion the whole world has come to a standstill. I’m sure Norway copes a lot better than this. I was supposed to teach today and travelled down from North to South Wales only to find the uni is closed today because of the snow. Still I brought my essay marking which I’m doing now and feeling quite depressed at how many I have had to fail. Arggg!!!

  3. Oh no!!! How horrible to have made all that effort for nothing. Good luck with the dreaded marking… (I’ve been missing teaching recently but I don’t miss marking!)

    Debilitating snow storms in the UK, debilitating heat waves in Australia… I’m quite happy to be out of the firing line, even if the harbour is as grey and solid as concrete.

    Fifi you may have a point! And I don’t mind really, I’m not wishing winter away because I want to have this thesis finished before it ends… The thought of being frozen and clouded in to write is quite nice.

  4. Oh how beautiful (she says from the midst of another sweaty day).

    I am watching your finishing stages with my breath held. People DO finish these things? At present I am finding the prospect of completing towards the end of this year completely daunting. Never mind a day at a time, it’s one word at a time around these parts.

  5. glowing in the moonlight sounds nice. what i can’t get over is the way the norwegians bake themselves silly in solariums. there are lots of brown brown bodies in my gym.

    don’t hold your breath for too long michelle!! people do finish, all the time, but i’m still not quite sure how. (my fellow students even have an annoying habit of finishing in three years and getting through with no corrections…. if i end up with minor corrections i’ll be happy.) one word a day is better than no words… something i think i need to get quicker at is identifying dead ends…

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