Reasons to finish

  • Be free in March!
  • Get on with your life!
  • Be closer to earning money
  • Feel that glow of satisfaction
  • Hold it in your hands
  • Wear a funny green hat
  • Make the supervisors happy
  • Make M happy
  • Do something new and better

(Written in big letters on my whiteboard.)

Reasons not to finish

  • It will never be perfect
  • I feel an overwhelming desire to rewrite whole chapters
  • But then who will I be?

(Written in small letters on my heart.)


11 thoughts on “Reasons to finish

  1. You need to finish, as you say it’ll never be perfect for you, there’ll always be something you can change or improve. I’m sure it’s absolutely great, and it’s time to move on to the next stage.
    Reasons not to finish – its scary

  2. Oops, I don’t know what happened there but I posted the comment before I had finished.

    It’s your baby and you don’t want it to go out into the big bad world in case people don’t love it as much as you do.

    You have to go out into the big bad world and that’s ever so scary.

    I’m sure its the best thesis ever in the whole wide world and it should be out there for people to see.

    Think of all the time you’ll have to go flying around on the air currents when it’s finished.

    Good luck.

  3. ah, thanks guys. it’s not quite ready to print off quite yet – i’m just trying to gear myself up so that it may well be ready in a month’s time. i need the fear factor of a deadline to make myself stop puddling around. (the reasons not to finish seem to interfere with the process of finishing, which is why i need to use the reasons to finish as a big stick to knock them back to where they belong…)

  4. I just started writing this big earnest post to tell you everything I did over the last few months to finish off my novel. My, it sounded patronising.

    But I’m with fifi, I can’t imagine it is anything other than amazing.

    Happy polishing, meli

  5. tc, you couldn’t sound patronising if you tried! (so if you have any tips, let me know…) otherwise i’ll just keep polishing away, one page at a time. thanks for the vote of confidence!

  6. Oh, the timing of your post was perfect for me. I’m applying for extension ao my whiteboard will have ‘Reasons to Finish by November’ written on it.

    Gosh, I remember when I thought three years was AGES to complete a PhD. Oh how young and naive I was (well, naive anyway).

    Keep ploishing. I mean, polishing!

  7. thanks michelle! good luck with your plans for finishing!

    it’s funny how you have to talk yourself into it. actually my university is full of clever dedicated people who finish in three years, but i think this is a bit of an anomaly. here in the uk though we absolutely positively no excuses must finish within four – otherwise they kick us out. i think i’ll make three and a half…

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