To quote a poem entirely out of context

I am like the sea trying to straighten myself out
On a beach while ships are sinking elsewhere

Kevin Hart

That’s what the thesis feels like right now, as I straighten a few niggling, messy footnotes. (The poem, by the way, is called ‘To the Spirit’, and isn’t talking about theses at all, but I’ve always loved that image.)


5 thoughts on “To quote a poem entirely out of context

  1. I know it’s a bit OT, but I just covered the poem ‘The Dream of Wearing Shorts Forever’ (by your favourite author) with fifteen-year-olds. hehe ^^ Of course they got a bit caught up with the translation of ‘shorts’ meaning ‘underpants in north America’ >> but they also enjoyed brainstorming what they would want to wear forever if they had the chance.

  2. Hurrah! Good for you! And poems (especially by Les) are never off topic…

    I had no idea that ‘shorts’ means ‘underpants’ in the US. Hopping between English speaking countries is a fraught endeavour. In the UK (I’m sure you discovered this) you must always say ‘trousers’, never ‘pants’ (pants means underpants). I have practised this so much that I say trousers now even when I visit home. A Canadian once told me of a very embarrassing moment when it had been raining and she was ascending an escalator in a department store in England, and she exclaimed loudly ‘my pants are so wet!’

  3. Hurray for World Lit =D Now let’s hope I can work there permanently…

    Oh it doesn’t mean underpants in the US or Canada (at least not to my knowledge! haha)

    hahahaha I think something similar happened to me when I said ‘pants’ instead of ‘jeans’ or ‘trousers’

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