We got back on Monday night. It was freezing. I have never been in a house so cold. The sheets were crisp with cold, even our clothes in their drawers. The floor was slippery. The toilet seat burned. We put the heater on in our bedroom and shut the door, and snuggled in with extra duvets, fleeces, thick socks and make-shift hot water bottles.

There we are, fluffing our feathers.

It was so cold that our refrigerator and freezer had decided there was no point staying on. Which meant it was warmer inside the freezer than out of it, and all our food had defrosted. I kept the fire going all day Tuesday and once it warmed up a bit it kicked into gear again. Also the pipes under our shower are broken.

It’s been regularly -10 for the past couple of weeks. Tomorrow, for the first time in ages, the forecast inches up to a comparatively toasty +5. It is with great reluctance that I turn my attention towards my phd for one final push. I walked to the harbour this afternoon, but the sun slid behind the islands all too swiftly.


5 thoughts on “Cold

  1. oh!
    Here I am considering it so pretty and beautiful…hadn’t imagined the impracticality of such cold weather. In perfect balance, we are in a heatwave,so very hard to work in the studio.

    please reassure me that the ducks dont have their feet frozen into the pond.

    take care

  2. they’re alright, the poor things – they just slide around a bit. they seemed a lot more nervous than usual, though, maybe naughty creatures like kitties can climb out onto the ice to give them a scare…

    their little footprints in the snow make me laugh for some reason…

    i’m glad i’m not a duck, though, it must be even colder out there now it’s dark…

  3. We’v had ferocious cold as well for the past couple of weeks. Couldn’t seem to get warm at all, even with central heating and the log fire. Perhaps the change is on the way for you too now, as our temperatures have risen considerably in the last couple of days and yesterday we had terrific gales and driving rain. They had snow in the south of the country but not up here.
    Hurry up winter and be gone!!!!!
    The daffodils have forgotten it’s so cold and have poked their heads out of the earth, I hope they’ll be OK. I so look forward to the first flowers.

  4. Yes it’s warmed up around here now too. Very strange when 5 degrees feels warm! But it makes a huge difference. No flowers yet. And I’m not wishing winter away just yet, I need these months to write…

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