On top of the world

We had the best flights today. We got high above launch, high enough to see the snowy mountains in the background, and we were up for more than two hours. We could have stayed up longer if we wanted. It was so much fun chasing the lift in thermals, zooming up up up like birds.

See that tiny green square in the middle of the mountains? That’s the launch site. That’s how far we were above it. And look – here are all the paragliders layed out and ready to go:

This is me scratching for lift (technical term) above a farm:

M was higher than me at this point but I soon overtook him – hihi! There were small pockets of rising air that moved around, and also a couple of surprise monster thermals which zoomed us up soooo fast and made our little variometres beep like crazy. It really was like being a bird – being able to go down and up whenever you chose.

My glider dried off in the wind and sunshine (it was still a little damp from yesterday) and I landed nowhere near the stream.

Afterwards we drove up through the mountains and watched the setting sun slant through the clouds, stuffing sky and light into our memories for the journey home.


2 thoughts on “On top of the world

  1. It must be like dreaming. I used to have dreams like that, but I only had to stretch out my arms . Not sure that I ever conjured up such spectacular scenery though…even iny overwrought imagination 🙂

    May you continue to soar throughout the whole year, and may your dreams come true.
    happy New year Meli and M.

  2. It was a bit like dreaming – that flight at least. The other similarity to my dreams of flying is that when I dream I’m flying (also with outstretched arms), it’s never guaranteed that I actually stay up – I will myself up, but if I lose concentration I start to sink. When you paraglide you’re always sinking (slowly) unless you’re in rising air. Sometimes scratching for lift is a bit like trying to will myself up in my dreams… But this flight – ah, I could have stayed up forever.

    Thanks for the new year wishes!

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