On Christmas eve, there was a Christmas fairy.

And cakes at four.

Stollen and Lebkuchen. M’s brother decorated the table and I was mighty impressed.

M’s brother and his girlfriend gave me a silly hat and angel wings to keep up tradition. And an episode of Ausburger Puppenkiste, to help my German and to make me laugh. (These string-puppet stories are just lovely.)

Actually I did rather well with presents, including the white shirt and green jumper pictured above, and the absolutely gorgeous jumper knitted by my Mum that you can see below. M’s brother gave him some shirts and ties to supplement the one decent shirt and tie that he owns.

M and I were responsible for dinner. We learned a valuable catering lesson – if you’re going to do a starter course, don’t make it all you can eat! (Especially if you have eaten cake just a few hours before.) After two different kinds of cheese, and dried apricots and olives and dolmades and french bread we hardly had room for the roast carrots and parsnips and figs and sundried tomatoes and halloumi and salmon and couscous, and afterwards we could barely move. But we were still smiling.

Happy Christmas to all, especially to my lovely far away family. xxx


5 thoughts on “Heiligabend

  1. lovely photo of the two of you! I like the Christmas fairy’s wings and hat, and the table looks superb. Sorry you had difficulty getting through to us. It must have been rather frustrating but hope you’re having a good day as we have over here. We’ve been thinking of you and will talk shortly. xxx

  2. You are just too cute, both of you. The wings are very apt, and the feast sounds so very…German! We had german Christmas eve festivities, and it was lovely.

    Happy happy christmas Meli and a wonderful 2009.

  3. thanks guys!

    yes it was lovely. i was sad not to be able to talk to my extended australian family on christmas day (their phone cord had accidentally been pulled out), but i hope they know that i did try! (just have to get one of them to start a blog, so i can see what’s happening over on that side…)

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