December in Halden

Is quite lovely really. It’s pitch dark by four, and pretty dark by half past three, so I try to venture outside while the sun shines and the ground sparkles. I solved the final structural problems with my introductory chapter today, but my brain is too tired right now to fill in all the gaps. Tomorrow morning will do. Am frustrated with how long this is taking, but if I compare it to my usual progress it’s coming together quite quickly I suppose. Anyway, I’ve turned a corner with it. (Must only think about one bit at a time, if I think too hard about everything that still needs to be done I freeze up completely.)

It’s funny, structuring. For me, it’s never something I can fully come up with in advance, or impose with too harsh a hand. These days I usually have an idea of a structure, but it often morphs into something slightly different. Finishing the chapter requires a combination of hard slog and quiet contemplation. If I am rushed it feels like I’m trying to force pieces of a puzzle together that don’t fit. But if I rest for a day, and come back to it slowly, not hating it, reading it carefully instead of wishing it looked different, the pieces slide into place almost without effort.


5 thoughts on “December in Halden

  1. Halden looks so pretty in the winter sunshine. I hate it when it’s dark so early and in Norway I expect it’s even earlier than it is in the UK
    I have to get back to the hard slog now, too much time has been wasted on other things. I have to work out my next chapter and I’ve been procrastinating. I’ve also been teaching for the last 4 weeks and that involves a lot of travelling and takes 3 days out of the week. What with that and working at the weekends I’m been struggling to make sense of my thesis. Still onwards and upwards. The Christmas tree is up now, just the cards to write and the presents to wrap. I’m beginning to get into the mood. Are you going to Australia for Christmas/New Year?

  2. You’ll get there! Every little bit builds into the whole. How’s the teaching going now you’re getting into it?

    Nope, we’re going to Germany this year. But I’m going to the UK for two weeks first, for more libraring.

    Yes it does get darker here but as we’re right in the south it’s not too bad. I don’t know how they cope up north.

  3. That looks sooo pretty.

    I have just been in Brisbane where it was 33C and everything was green and tropical. I must say it was very nice. Art History conference and lots of nice food…

    Good luck with the writing! Nearly there!

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