On the first day of December! No photos yet, but if it makes the ground all pretty I will be out there this afternoon. Right now I am happy with the fat flakes of whiteness tumbling down outside. I think it bodes well for serious thesis writing.

I put up our Christmas pyramid last night. It was a present for me from Michael’s Mum two years ago (it’s German). This is the first time I’ve actually been at home close enough to Christmas to use it. I love these things. Warm air from the candles turns the windmill, which in turn makes all the little figures inside the pyramid go round and round. Wise men, shepherds, angels. (And don’t forget the donkey and the sheep and the lambs.) I love how this one looks so Persian, with the arches and mini gold domes.

The other Christmas creatures are: the blue Swedish horse I bought with my Grandparents in Stockholm a few years back, because it reminded me of the red Swedish horse that sat on their bookshelf all through my childhood; a Russian icon of St George that I bought also with my Grandparents (on the same trip) in St Petersburg; and the Russian dolls I bought with my cousin Hannah in Prague, nearly five years ago now. I was sorely tempted to buy a gingerbread house kit from the co-op on the corner (only 25 kroner!). I resisted, as we’re only here another week and then away for a month, and I wouldn’t want to invite a bunch of mice over for a party while we’re gone.


5 thoughts on “Snowing!

  1. Hi Meli

    I read your post on Penni’s blog and came to check your blog out. We seem to have one or two things in common, both doing PhD’s.

    I posted today a photo of the swimming pool for the first day of summer!

  2. That looks so cosy and pretty, I would love to be putting one of those up for christmas.
    I’m rather enjoying the sultry weather for once, having had a winter that was actually cold could be the reason!

    Have fun and good luck with that writing. It was lovely to read out your name last week by the way, it all sounded great when read out loud.

  3. I’ve got one of those German Christmas decorations> I bought it in Lidl last year. I had a problem with the candles burning the top but I’m sure yours is fine. We had had snow today, but not in Wales expect on the high ground in Snowdonia. Jeorgia and I put the Christmas tree up today but I think we need more lights it doesn’t look cheerful enough yet.

  4. maybe you need some smaller candles…

    and enjoy the sunshine, you australians!!

    winter isn’t getting to me yet. an english friend once told me that november and december are fine, because you have christmas to look forward to and everything’s pretty. after that, however…

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