Rare Sunshine

It’s mostly been low clouds and rain you can walk in.

Meeting went well today. They liked my introduction. We went through it together, in detail, and they had lots of minor suggestions to make it better. But they are small things. Stylistic things. (I need to keep an eye on the ends of some paragraphs and where I pick up again after block quotes.) But they said it is good. It is all there. And they really loved the first three pages, which I had revised over and over every time I read through it. Eek! Eek! Eek! (Very pleased with myself. My thesis-zone last time I was in Norway paid off.)

And they think I can make December. I told supervisor two that I didn’t want to hand it in if it isn’t ready. She said it’s never ready. Just do it.

They are very pleased I am staying in the UK next week too and have offered to meet with me again, individually.

Everyone is being very nice to me. Offering me beds to sleep in. Lending me money when the bank refused to give me any without my passport (long story – will bring passport tomorrow). Supervisor two even offered me money (which I refused) and told me I can stay with her if I need. Can I say again, she is one of the nicest, best, cleverest people on earth. (I’m pretty sure they don’t read this, but it’s still true, even if they do.)

I have been thinking about distant friends. Including one who is not well. She had better be ok.

Been thinking about my Mum too. Would be nice to drink tea together. Next year will do, I guess.

And my brother’s art exhibition.

And Michael, teaching in Stavanger.

It was my Grandma’s birthday yesterday. Happy birthday! There were lots of fireworks here, just for you.

I am happy-gleeful-joyful about the election. But not about prop 8.

And now I am calming my buzzing mind and beating heart and preparing to look again at the intro, and thread in all their suggested changes, and look again at my weakest chapters before I meet with them next week. Pity I can’t just smile at the thesis and watch it grow wings. But it will get there. It will.

4 thoughts on “Rare Sunshine

  1. Congratulations!!!!!It’ll never be ready in your eyes, there’s always something you think you can improve, but your supervisor is right – just go for it.
    Sorry to hear about your money problems, but glad to hear everyone’s looking after you. I hope it’s all sorted out now – banks can be a pain in the bum.
    I also am thinking about our friend who isn’t well and praying for a successful outcome for her.

    Well done on the thesis, the end is in sight.

  2. I like the sound of the cup of tea! I’ll have to imagine it for the moment and pretend I’m bringing you one for a break. Hope your writing and thinking is going well. The weather is getting warmer here and we had a lovely summery evening stroll through the park to J’s place this evening and then he came back (bunch of roses from the garden in hand) for a cuppa and some lemon meringue pie- would have been nice to have you here too. But it’s great to think how close to the finalisation you are now and there’ll be plenty of time to enjoy lots of other things soon.
    Enjoy pulling all the threads of your hard work and thinking together!

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