The view from the sky

Here are some photos of our two gorgeous flights last Sunday. (Yes, I realise not everyone is as obsessed with this as I am, but bear with me.) That’s the launch site. It’s covered in carpet and is smooth and beautiful. (You don’t want too many stones and twigs and things, as they get caught in your lines.)

And here’s someone taking off (not either of us, but isn’t he elegant!).

And that’s the view from the sky. There were lots of pockets of lift around, and I managed to stay up for about forty minutes. Michael took the aerial shots, though. Here’s the view in the other direction, over Monaco. It’s a bit hazy from the sunlight.

We flew over houses and skyscrapers and tennis courts and swimming pools and highways and trainlines. The best fun of all was zooming around this hotel. How’s that for a swimming pool?

Then, when it’s time to land, you fly over the beach. The water is blue and clear and mesmerising. You have to fly quite low over the water in order to get low enough to land on the beach. This is a little disconcerting, as whatever happens, you don’t want to land in it!

Over the water, the air is quiet and silky. Then you turn in, and there is the small matter of not landing on the sun-bathers. They seem to have no fear. Luckily, we didn’t disappoint.

It was still warm after our last flight, and having forgotten our swimsuits, we made use of the nudist corner of the beach to jump right in, before watching the sun set over the mountains. A perfect day.

3 thoughts on “The view from the sky

  1. The south of France looks amazing, it’s a few years since I went to Nice and Monaco and Grasse and St Paul de Vence. All that wonderful sunshine when I’m looking out at the snow on top of the mountains. Truly beautiful and spectacular but its still only October! (just) The pictures made me long for France and some sunshine. We’ll try and get there after the New Year, but there might not be any sunshine. I get withdrawal symptoms if I don’t visit at least once a year I love it so much.
    As for your suntan perhaps it will have faded before you have to confess to your supervisors, thus avoiding their disapproving looks.

  2. How beautiful! i have never seen the South of france from the viewpoint of a bird!

    Think I will put that on my list of things to do in my life. Funny how it is so warm there, and so colourful. It’s lovely.

  3. Yes I can understand why the brits get hooked on this place. As soon as we arrived, I thought – why don’t all the northerners just move down here! Enough incentive to have a go at learning French… (that and the amazing pastries.)

    I want to see the Welsh mountains too!

    Fifi you must try it – they do tandem flights here. (I’d offer to take you on one myself, but I don’t think my flying skills are quite reliable enough to put another person at risk…)

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