The rag-end of autumn

Do you like my new header? It’s from a photo that I took, but Michael did clever things to on photoshop. It’s on our regular walk, near the entrance to the fortress. We also posed with our autumn-coloured coats, on a break from thinking grumpy thoughts about my thesis.

Now, back to those grumpy thoughts.


4 thoughts on “The rag-end of autumn

  1. Very pretty! Thesis thoughts are too often grumpy thoughts — what I’d like is an online editor who could read each day’s writing and OK it. I think that would help with the ‘everything I do is rubbish, why bother trying’ brand of self-doubt, as well as the deletion of pages at a time. Dreaming, yes, but wouldn’t it be awesome?

  2. I am currently thinking grumpy thoughts about the state of my brain and its working capacity… I just read a paper I wrote and it made hadly any sense, the legacy of living multiple lives simultaneously and throwing things together.

    You both of course look gorgeous in all the autumn finery. Though when I looked at your banner I automatically rubbed my eyes, being shortsighted and all.

    I got a little grant, and I am off to Perth. Goody. Of course in the land of Stow I will give a thought to you. I hope the thesis comes along as you wish it because I can’t wait to read it.

  3. thanks guys! good thing we got out there, cos now the rain has settled in for the week.

    and thanks for your happy-thesis thoughts. yes, an online editor would be marvelous…

    well done fifi and have fun in perth!

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