Heading back

We’re flying back to Norway tomorrow and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into my thesis again. I’ve had over twenty hours of airtime which has been brilliant. I’ve been working on keeping my wing stable in turbulent conditions, and practicing flying in strong and light winds. I seem to naturally fly higher than most other paragliders and some of the most fun times have been boating around for hours at the end of the ridge where the lift is strongest while other gliders can’t stay up… Here I am kiting at dawn, waiting for the wind to pick up.

The photo at the top of this post is my favourite from the whole trip. The wind was far too strong for us to fly that day – the paragliders behind me were experts on tiny wings (if the wing is too small for you it flies faster so you can fly in stronger conditions). But it was great just watching them go.

While we’re at it, I love this photo too. See you back in the land of birch trees and mirrored lakes!


4 thoughts on “Heading back

  1. i have a sight called northern light which i started when we moved to chilly alaska.
    loved you photos of utah. we are transplanted from colorado and are missing the sunshine of that part of the world.

  2. Great photos, you look gorgeous and happy. You’re so brave and adventurous – I’m so thrilled you blog about it because I can live vicariously through you. I think it’s hilarious that sometimes I read your blog and think you and I have SO much in common and then sometimes I read it and you’re NOTHING LIKE ME AT ALL (but in a totally great way).

  3. thanks for dropping by lisabeth! alaska looks amazing – far grander than my little corner of southern norway.

    and thanks so much penni… a few years ago i could never have dreamed that not only would i hook myself up to a giant, brightly coloured wing and run off cliffs, but that i would become slightly addicted to it… i always wanted to fly, though. just never imagined that i would.

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